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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How Indian people show off- Top ways by which Indians show off

How Indian people show off- Top ways by which Indians show off

Show off and Indian people are really proportional in many cases. We Indians have a habit of telling everyone if we had anything which we never had before. In some cases  some people tells things which they do generally. So here i am presenting a whole list of things which Indians shows off generally.
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1. Selfies with iphones.

hot girl in jeans taking selfie, logicaltalk

yes you all are familiar with this show off as most of the people who owns an iphone are are doing this  regularly. You may noticed that they whenever clicks a photo, their main aim is to just show the branding of the apple.

2.Talking in english without any necessity

hot girls, logicaltalk
Have you ever noticed that some of the people who are not so much influential in English speaking are unnecessarily tries to speak English among others. 

3. Listening english songs

girl listening music, logicaltalk
This one is very common as now a days many youngsters prefers listening english songs and surprisingly it does not matters that they understand anything or not.

4. Show off the donations

donations, logicaltalk
Yes its a sad truth that some of the people show off as much as they can whenever they donate something. Donating is to be done as for self pleasure not for show off.

5. Socializing the visits of costly places 

hot girl photography, logicaltalk
I think at present its mandatory to share the photos when you visit any place. Yes, why people not enjoy traveling by just only traveling, they just made it compulsory to update on social media about their visits and its a pure show off.

6.  Flight tags on luggage

 Have you notice that a huge number of people are there in India who intentionally not removes their flight tags from their bags or luggage. T hey just try to show off that they frequently travels in plane but it really seems to cheap.

7. Talking in english with the waiter

waiter, logicaltalk
some people when visits a restaurant with family or friends, they talk to waiter in english for  unknown reasons. No matter how well or how bad they are in english speaking.

8. Talking about foreigner relatives


It looks like in India its a tradition to have a compulsory talk in any gathering about your relative who is a foreigner, if you have such one. GREAT SHOW OFF.


indian wedding, logicaltalk
You all are must aware of this show off called as weddings. A display of dowries, unlimited wastage of food, the great resources wastage ceremonial show off.

10. Marks in exams

The last but most wide spread kind of show off. Its typical to understand, yes as you all know if the topper of your class get 95+% and says "mere to bas itne aaye ki naa hi pucho". Don't you think its also a great kind of show off.
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