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Saturday, October 20, 2018

What is Dropshipping ? Best business plan in 2018 to earn lot of money.

What is Drop Shipping? 

Whom so ever, who tried to start an online business He must have heard about Drop shipping once. But only few people succeeded to understand about drop shipping.                       
So, Hello friends today I am going to make you all learn about the way of starting a perfect profitable business and the name of that business is Drop shipping.

Understanding the Drop Shipping :

  1. Drop shipping is a way of selling products to customers without actually owning that product. You also don't need any need investment to have your inventory, warehouse or storage in fact you actually need not to buy the product. In this business retailer have to take order from customer by having any platform like online E commerce store or facebook shop or any platform from where retailer can sell product to customer. 
  2. The retailer then forward that order to drop-ship (third party) automatically or manually and the drop-ship(third party) will ready that product.
  3.  Once the third party will get order the third party will ship and deliver the product to the Customer by the retailer's name.                    

So investment to start this profitable business is approximately zero.And this is the reason many smart people are preffering to start this business of Drop shipping. And in this business of drop shipping you have to do nothing but only you have to make lots of profits. 

Advantages of Drop Shipping:
  1. Easy to start: Nowadays starting a profitable drop shipping E commerce and making profit though is very easy.
  2. Cost for starting Drop Ship business is very less: To start this business you have to only buy hosting, domain name, themes and some apps. The main factor it is cost efficient because it eliminates inventory, storage etc for your store.
  3. Risk for this business is very low: Yes its a fact that the risk involved in doing this business is very low

Disadvantages of Drop Shipping:
  1. Less Control over Supply Chain: In standard web based business, if clients grumble about item quality, satisfaction speed, or merchandise exchanges, you can address the issues yourself.
  2. Hard to construct a brand: Like professional writers or in the background musicians, drop shippers must comprehend that the credit for their work goes to another person.
  3. Little High Copetition: There will dependably be excessively idealistic business people who center exclusively around the "low overhead" part, disregarding the unmistakable proof above.

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