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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Get fully approved adsense account in one day (complete guide and tips to monetize your website in first attempt)

Get fully approved adsense account in one day

Hello readers, here i am really going to explain you exactly the same as written in the title. Many of you do so much effort to develop a website or a blog and also invest so much time and finally submit your site to google adsense to monetize it. Unfortunately many of you don't get approved and get demoralized after rejected too many times. So this blog is for you only, read it and i am sure it will help u a lot.
Its my personal experience, if you did everything as i said in this article then trust me you get adsense approval of your website or blog in only first attempt.
google adsense approval in first attempt. here i am explaining how to get approval for a fully approved adsense account in first attempt for your website or blog.
 Google adsense is a international program of GOOGLE which serves as an advertisement company for its publishers.In simple words publishers means those who creates contents on internet in form of websites, blogs etc. and google adsense is a service which provides advertisemnt services on their content creaters so that they can earn.
So before applying in google adsense we need to understand what  adsense is for? and what actually it needs?
GOOGLE has a program called as GOOGLE ADS or ADWORDS on which advertisers can submit their ads and then google display these ads on its content creators properties.So google has made some very strict policies and regulations for its ads display network and every content creator should have to comply with all of them.

 Basic requirements to get approval

See, here i am not going to list the complete terms and conditions of the google adsense. I will tell you my personal tricks so that you can get approval in same  day of the submission.

 1. Do not submit incomplete website

the main reason for account not to be approved of google adsense for your website or blog.
This is the most important thing which most of the people do in their journey of their site monetization. As you can see in the image, its an response email from adsense team which i get a total 6 times.
Yes when i made my first website at that time i get rejected 6 times from adsense and the most common cause/ factor in all were insufficient content. To avoid your rejections due to insufficient content first write a sufficient number of post with sufficient number of words.
You should write at least 3 posts with minimum of two thousands words.

2. About us page


Do you think that most of the professional websites make an about us page because of their publicity? then you are wrong my freind, its a very necessary requirement to get approved from google.
About us page indicates that you are showing yourself on internet and you are not a kind of person whose aim is just to spread rumors on internet.
Google takes about us page very seriously and having it on your website can really increase yoiur chance to get fully approved adsense account in one day.

3. Contact us page

Contact us is the second most important page which google gives priority in approval of google adsense program after about us pages. Contact us page gives an opportunity to the visitors of any website to contact with the developer if they face any issue or have ny query in using your services.

This is also a positive point for you as with these kind of pages an interconnection is made between visitors and website developer and in this way you can get some of your permanent visitors for your website which comes under organic traffic.

3. Privacy Policy page

The third most important page which your website must have is the privacy policy page.

This is the page of your website which basically contains something which says that the contents which you used in your website is purely your own creation and any unfair or fair use of these contents of these contents without any prior information is strictly prohibited and if anyone if violate this is eligible for legal action.

3. Privacy Policy page

Last but having much importance page.

The disclaimer page shows some kind of rules from the developer that using this site is your own choice and website developer team is not responsible for any potential loss.

So friends truely say these are the some most important requirements which every one should must apply in their website to increase chance of getting adsense approval in first attempt.

Now we will see the most important things which we should do before submission.


1. Submit to Google analytics


 yes before the final submission in adsense you should first submit it to the Google Analytics. Google analytics is a free web analytics service provided by google to get the complete data about visitors and rest of the things related to any website.

 Click here to submit your website to google analytics.

2. Submit to webmaster

As by name , webmaster is a service of google which is really the god of internet.
You have to submit your website to google webmaster in order to get indexed and get appered in search results.

 Click here to submit your website in webmaster.

Now you are already if you did all these things.

Now submit your website to Google adsense and i am damn sure you get a fully approved adsense account. Start advertisement on your website after tthe approval and start making money.
Hope this article helps you.
If you have any query or doubt related to the complete process, then please ask in comments below. 


  1. Hi Akash, will this website be approved or need more content?


    1. Hi Val,
      I visited your website and its already approved by adsense.
      Good work.

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